It's a tough job being the BBQ Grill Pro. You can be stuck outside, braving the elements, while indoors, the drinkies flow and all the nice dip that Shirl made gets eaten.

But with the BBQ Grill Thermometer with Remote, there will be none of that. Mingle indoors as well as retain your reputation as Master Of The Grill.

This is a seriously cool BBQ gadget!

Here's a run-down of how it works:

Place meat on grill or in oven
Insert stainless steel meat probe into meat, and plug probe wire into base unit (AKA 'Control Centre')
Enter type of meat and desired taste level (eg rare, medium-rare, well-done) into the Control Centre
Go and eat some of that nice dip that Shirl made
Alarm goes off because meat has cooked to selected temp.
Serve and wait for the accolades to roll in ... 'Grill Master'.
See what 'Dad' (aka Father Doug) thinks of them on the home vid here...


Programmable with built-in timer
Beeps when ready
Handheld receiver constantly monitors thermometer probe and heat-resistant probe wire
6 meat settings - beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and veal
4 taste settings - rare, medium rare, medium and well done
30m range uses RF frequency
LED flashlight on receiver ideal for grilling at night
Uses 2 x AAA batteries in handheld receiver and 2 X AAA in base transmitter (not included)

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