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  Amazing Meccano Helicopter project with working front and back rotors
  Organise air rescue operations with a manual rescue winch
   Up to two different styles to have different helicopter designs
   Stickers, tools and building instructions included with up to 620+ parts
   Age from 10 years old
   Requires 4 x AA Batteries (Maplin Code: L43AL)

Organise air rescue operations with this motorised life saving helicopter! Take off, stabilise in the air and lower the winch for a successful rescue. You can build 2 models (only 1 model can be built at a time). Once you have finished playing with your first model, build the second one and create new adventures! The instruction manuals are very detailed and designed to make the feel independent.

Evolution, the new metal range of realistic vehicles with lots of exciting working features to allow children to play for hours with their vehicles. The range is progressive, with each age having its own construction set. Evolution starts for children from 8 years old for the first models up to 9 or 10 years old for the more advanced sets.

• New parts: Thanks to the new smaller scale parts, the toys are much more realistic when built and children can play with their vehicles and create adventures using their imagination. The new mechanical parts (jack, gears, and pistons) enable fluid and realistic movements. Most of the movements are activated by manual buttons whereas the Helicopter is activated with a motor.

• Adapted instruction manuals : The instruction manuals are very detailed and provide easily followed step by step guides. Firstly you build sub-assemblies such as a chassis, then you check the mechanics work to be sure that the building steps have been correctly followed. Finally you put together the different sub-assemblies to see your completed model. Some helpful construction tips will help the children to become more independent and ambitious with their building projects.
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