This is brand Tronico which is compatible with meccano which we also sell.

Radio Controlled Tractors in Scale 1:16

TRONICO RC DIY Metal Kit, 4 CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL Tractor MF-8690, Scale 1:16, made of metal and high quality plastic material, function: forward/backward, full steering function,  tyres with original patterns with soft plastic, including trailer tow hitch, build in full details, all parts will be only fixed with screws and locked with nuts, made of quality metal, including MF-decals, tractor needs 5 x AA and control unit needs 2 x AA batteries (not included), equipped with tools for assembling, chassis and tyres are already fully assembled, instruction manual with pictures for easy assembling, recommended for age 12+, packed in a gift box

That is the very brand new product range and we are really proud of it! The Radio Control (RC) series of Tractors in scale 1:16. The Radio Control series is much more easy to be assembled as the Chassis and the tyres are ready to use (ready to run). This work we have done on our side. The tractors can tow our trailer of Krampe E460 which weights almost 1,7 kg! We have used a strong engine and gear System. There is one Speed which is enough to give you a realistic function in the sace of 1:16. To give children more fun while playing with our R/C tractors, you can tow the Trailers from the German manufacturer Bruder(®) (

The tractor Needs to be equipped with 5 x AA batteries which are not included in the set. We highly recommend, to safe Money and protect our envoirement, to use rechargeable batteries. Due to the latest toy safety Standards it is not allowed anymore to Charge the rechargeable batteries in the product itself. The battery case is located at the bottom side and closed by a screw.

The Maximum range is approximately 30 metres (radius) is surely enough while playing with the tractor. The operating time in continiuous Operation is about 10 minutes, if you use more powerful batteries it might last longer. We recommend to use rechargeable AA- batteries with a power of 1800 up to 3600 ma/h (milli ampere per hour).

While Assembling the tractor parents should assists their children. The Chassis has been fully produced and assembled by our side to have a more stable Body kit and less Problems with gears, steering, Receivers etc. The remaining parts which are the hauler, the cabin the Fenders must be assembled by the consumers.As well here with the R/C tractors, it must be said that the first 50 % of the assembling takes approx. 65-70 % of the complete time until the model has been finished. You need to learn to understand the drawings and how to hold the parts while there are fixed with the screws and nuts. All Manuals Show only Pictures and the size is always DIN A3 with a lot of pages to have the steps of the
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