AGE 0+

Great visual, audio and tactile stimulation

18 cm long plus attachment

Dingly Danglys

product code: (2 Assorted) 0180163 / Zebra 0102854 / Tiger 0102849

Jungle Journey’s Dingly Danglys are full of fun with its vibrant colours and patterns, rattle and squeaker to fascinate baby.


•Vibrant colours and patterns encourage visual perception
•Rattles and squeaker for auditory stimulation  
•With easy attachment c-clip, the Dingly Dangly can be hung on baby's cot, pram or stroller
•Available in 2 characters, Zebra and Tiger

from the toy box range of playgro

One foot has rattle, the other foot has a squeaker.
Very colourfully and soft

0m+/ Stage 1 - Born to Learn

At this time babies are adjusting to life in the world. Most of each day will be spent sleeping but with increasing periods of time awake. Babies are totally dependent on you for their basic needs. As babies grow and spend more time awake they become more alert to what is happening around them. At this stage, crying is a normal and natural way that babies communicate their needs.

Stage 1 is about stimulating baby’s senses. It features toys that have sounds and music, patterns and contrasting bright colours. The senses of sound and smell are fully developed at birth. As your baby awakes to the world, vision increases and attractive mobiles above the bassinette and change tables catch baby’s full attention.

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